The unique and ethereal medium of fine art acrylic allows the artist to create animal art that appears to have a “fourth dimension.”

The play of light in and through the sculpture often creates multiple images within a prism. A fine art acrylic sculpture (sometimes called a Lucite sculpture) can stand alone or work in combination with bronzes and other art. It can be placed in a window for sunlight to pass through, under lights directed at the piece or on a pedestal that lights the sculpture from below. Each illumination lends a new and fascinating effect.

The bold yet extremely delicate qualities of this medium can evoke powerful yet tender emotions. Sculptor Susan Bahary’s collectors have described her fine art acrylic sculptures as “graceful, unique and full of life.” They say they “feel a spirit or soul emanating from the dog sculptures and horse sculptures that speaks to them of their own ideal.”


Learn about the process for creating acrylic sculptures, like those featured at Bahary Studios.


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affinity_1 Affinity

27140013 Arabian Heart

1 Emerging Spirit


1From the Heart


1From the Heart Foal


1 Heart to Heart


flash4Classic Hunter

1Look of Eagles

1 Majestic Pride


1 Pure Heart


1 Showtime


soaring-spirit-acrylic Soaring Spirit

1 Two Terriers


wave_01 Wave

Yorkshire Terrier