It is a joy to express emotion and capture form and movement through the beauty, strength and majesty of the horse. Every subject has its unique qualities and essence that present a wonderful challenge. Proper anatomy and true expression are essential elements to capture while creating a limited edition or commissioned work.

Whether it’s the soulful eye and arched neck of the ancient Arabian horse, the pure heart of a thoroughbred crossing the finish line, or the keen and fancy hunter / jumper navigating a jump, I work diligently to create a bronze horse sculpture or acrylic horse sculpture that does justice to the breed or individual horse.


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2Arabian Heart

2Emerging Spirit

1From the Heart


1From the Heart Foal


1Classic Hunter

1 Innocence - Foal


Girl and Foal by Susan Bahary Innocence Foal and Girl

2 Pure Heart


soaring-spiritSoaring Spirit