Girl and Foal by Susan BaharyInnocence – Foal and Girl


Sculptor Susan Bahary’s bronze horse sculptures and bronze dog sculptures are enjoyed both indoors and outdoors and include custom dog portraits and horse portraits as well as commissioned war dog memorials and monuments. Susan also enjoys other forms of sculpture such as abstract and representational work of other subject matter.

Once she works through the many stages of the casting process, a specialized patina or coloration is created for the bronze. Susan enjoys working with unusual patinas to add even more life and energy into the final work.

Susan also works in stainless steel and finds both mediums exciting to work with due to their versatility and ability to withstand the elements.

Bronze Horse Sculptures

Susan is renowned for her depiction of proper anatomy and expression in her horse art from smaller scale works to life size bronze horse sculptures. She has produced custom bronze sculptures for horse lovers all over the world. These larger commissioned sculptures can be used for the home, business or public settings, and can also incorporate water features.

Bronze Dog Sculptures

Susan’s dog sculptures include figurative and abstract representations of many breeds including Yorkshire Terriers, German Shepherds and Dobermans. She is known for her world-famous war dog memorials.

Learn about bronze casting process including the lost wax method, used to create sculptures like those featured at Bahary Studios.


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Doberman Dog War Memorial Always Faithful

Arabian Horse Bronze SculptureArabian Heart

Bronze Fine Art Whale Sculpture Breath of Life

Bronze Horse SculptureEmerging Spirit

 Faithful Partner Bronze K-9 MemorialFaithful Partner


Service Dog Memorial Forever Faithful


German Shepherd Bronze SculptureClassic German Shephard

Bronze Doberman Sculpture Heart to Heart

Bronze Horse SculptureClassic Hunter

Bronze Fine Art Foal Sculpture Innocence - Foal


Girl and Foal by Susan Bahary Innocence Foal and Girl

Bronze Fine Art Dog Sculpture Classic Labrador Retriever

Bronze Fine Art Dolphin SculptureLeap of Faith

Bronze Lion Sculpture Majestic Pride

Bronze Horse Sculpture Pure Heart


Poodle Bronze Sculpture Showtime Bronze

Yorkie War Dog Memorial Smoky


Bronze Sculpture of HorseSoaring Spirit

Bronze Dog Sculpture The Noble One


Yorkshire Terrier Bronze Sculpture Yorkshire Terrier