I love to depict the beauty, diverse physical qualities and personalities of my acrylic dog sculptures and bronze dog sculpture. Much attention is put into research of the breed’s proper anatomy and function while capturing those very unique emotional qualities we find so dear and compelling in the dogs we know and love.

Every dog presents its own unique artistic challenges and qualities. Whether a top show dog or cherished pet, I enjoy preserving these qualities in three-dimensional form while striving to express the spirit and soul of our faithful friends.


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Acrylic Sculpture of Dogs Affinity

Doberman Dog War Memorial Always Faithful

 Faithful Partner Bronze K-9 MemorialFaithful Partner


Service Dog Memorial Forever Faithful


German Shepherd Bronze SculptureClassic German Shephard

Acrylic Doberman Sculpture Heart to Heart


Bronze Fine Art Dog Sculpture Classic Labrador Retriever

Acrylic Doberman SculptureLook of Eagles

Maltese Acrylic SculptureMaltese

 Poodle Acrylic SculptureShowtime


smoky-in-helmet Smoky in the Helmet

Bronze Dog Sculpture The Noble One


 Terrier Dog SculptureTwo Terriers


Yorkshire Terrier Acrylic SculptureYorkshire Terrier