“This is a one of a kind life-size bronze of “Dee Dee” a beloved Miniature Pinscher. I was commissioned by Tom T. of New Jersey to create this as a gift for his daughter, Andrea T. Dee Dee had passed away a year prior and through snap shots and the use of a local model named Mia , it was a joy to bring her form and personality ”back to life”.”

Susan Bahary


Dee Dee was known and loved for her
beauty, strong spirit and devotion.

IMG_1823Clay in progress as Mia takes a well-deserved break.

IMG_3146Model Mia

“A very sincere thank you for the beautiful sculpture you created for me! Words cannot describe how truly touched and honored I am by this gift! The time, effort, and detail you have put into making this surprise is greatly appreciated! Thank you for taking the care and interest to make Dee so life-like…I literally talk to and hug her daily! She is truly a gift I will treasure forever! I am forever grateful for the ability to have my Little Dee back home! Thank you, thank you, thank you! :)”
Andrea T., Dee Dee’s owner