Memorial Pin




Introducing: First US International Purple Poppy!™ Honoring all animals who serve in the military, law enforcement and other service animals. 

Bahary Studios is proud to be the sole US Distributor to help raise funds for animal memorials in the US. Throughout the world since WWI the Red Poppy has represented the sacrifice of brave soldiers. Now we have a Purple Poppy for the service and sacrifice of our service animals here in the US!

The NEW Purple Poppy™ Pin will be at the INTRODUCTORY price of $15 Including shipping and tax in CA (available in the US only). This pin with card backing Only available through Bahary Studios Inc.

Charities can contact Bahary Studios, Inc for pricing details to help their own charity through these pins.

Purple Poppy
Most people are unaware that as well as the traditional commemorative red poppy, there is also the purple poppy which remembers animals that died during conflicts or in the service of the nation.

To commemorate the deeds and sacrifices of all war and service animals please help to raise awareness of these forgotten heroes by wearing a purple poppy on Remembrance day. They can be worn alongside the traditional red one, as a reminder that both humans and animals have and continue to serve.

Profits from the sale of these poppies help support the construction of service animal memorials internationally, as well as supporting veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).