Smoky Poster




Smoky – A four-pound Yorkshire Terrier became an “Unofficial War Dog” in WWII after transporting a communication cable under an air strip through a drain pipe. This act saved days of labor and safeguarded 40 US warplanes. Smoky is considered the first therapy dog of record and spent her final years in the Cleveland Ohio area.

Dedicated on Veteran’s Day November 11, 2005 at Memorial Field on Valley Parkway in the Rocky River Reservation in Lakewood Ohio. In addition to being Smoky’s owner/trainer, former Army/Air Force Cpl. William A. Wynne (WWII) worked as a research photographer for NACA/NASA and is an award winning photojournalist. Photos by Bill Wynne and friends. The sculpture of SMOKY was created by artist Susan Bahary.

Poster signed by the artist.

Poster Dimensions: 17 1/4″ h x 12 3/4″ w